About Us

Leeward Farms is a state-of-the-art indoor farming operation. We are experts in indoor farming, which allows us to grow valuable crops where traditional farming is challenging.   We provide local, nutritious food in locales that have traditionally had to import their food at great cost over long supply routes. We provide local employment, food security, and pesticide-free food where it is needed most.

Corporate Commitment: Leeward Farms donates 10% of its profits back to the community to improve food education and improve sustainable farming practices.

Hank Headshot.jpg

Henry Adams, CEO

Hank Adams is the CEO of Harvest₂O. He has a background in technology and is an avid gardener. His frustration with not being able to grow veggies all year around led to the creation of Harvest₂O.

Sully Headshot.jpg

Sully Stewart, Operations Manager

Sully runs operations for Harvest2O. He was previously head of Operations for Urban Till, an indoor agriculture firm. He has both an operational and engineering background and is deeply involved in figuring out how to grow great vegetables.

Chris Headshot.jpg

Chris Cote, Head of Technology

Chris is the lead engineer for Harvest2O specializing in hardware and embedded systems. He was the founder of an aquaponics business as well as work in politics and media technology. Chris has done some pioneering work creating systems to measure and manage indoor air quality. 

Angelo Headshot.jpg

Angelo Kelvakis

Angelo is Leeward Farms' lead researcher and focuses on plant growth optimization, data collection, and analysis. His background is in indoor farming, experimental design, and climate change modeling. He uses his scientific research skills to help this company carft data-driven solutions to modern agricultural problems.

Diego Headshot.jpg

Diego Blondet

Diego is spearheading our market launch initiatives, aimed to trigger accelerated growth. He is also currently working to assist family farmers in native Peru reach North American markets with their heirloom produce. Before joining Leeward Farms he led strategic transformations for the largest financial corporation in Peru. With his background in business strategy and design, he is helping the Company accelerate it's growth plans.