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Good Food
Grown Locally


Our Passion

Our passion is to employ advanced agriculture technology to sustainably grow nutritious, fresh, local produce year round for the communities where we are based.

What We Do


Some landscapes are beautiful to see, but hard to grow food in. At Leeward Farms, we practice Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) to grow fresh, delicious, nutritious food year around with a light environmental footprint.


Super Food

Did you know that lettuce loses 42% of its nutrition in the first 48-hours after it is harvested? Or that it loses most of its vitamins after 6 days?  If you are eating food that has been grown thousands of miles away on a different continent, then this is your lettuce. The food Leeward Farms delivers is alive with flavor and packed with nutrition.




We don't need to ship our food to you. Our food is grown locally. Very locally. We measure food miles in the single digits - not in the thousands. Our food is fresh and delivered to your local retailer or restaurant within hours of being harvested. Rest assured with 100% confidence in where and how our food was grown. We’ll even show you around! 

Pure Food

With Leeward Farms, you can count on chemical free, non-GMO food. We grow real food in a controlled environment, so we do not have to spray our crops with any chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.). You get only real food when you eat Leeward Farms produce.


Resource Efficient

Indoor, hydroponic farms are hyper-efficient at resource conservation. Our farms use 95% less water than traditional farming. Our nutrients  are recycled back into the water that is fed to the plants so there is no run-off into local water supplies. And since it’s exceedingly fresh, we minimize food waste, meaning you won’t have to throw out produce that spoiled in transit.


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